Gianluca Franzese


Humanity is made up of unique individuals with multiple cultures, colors, and beliefs interconnected to create the beauty of a rainbow. The COVID-19 epidemic has demonstrated this for better or worse, and that although we have differences, we are all dependent on each other and must work in solidarity to solve world issues. 

San Francisco started the shelter-in-place policy on March 16th, 2020, to save the most vulnerable among us. This took incredible cooperation from the community and potentially saved many lives. #SF2020 stands for the resilience that our community has shown in these unprecedented times, by working together. The design is a reflection of all of us; the store clerks, the janitors, the teachers, the parents, the doctors and nurses, the firefighters, and all of the essential workers. It is a reflection of everyone who came together to add their color to the world and continues to build for a brighter future. 

Support SF2020

25% of sales will go towards Give2SF to provide shelter, food and other assistance to individuals, families, small businesses, and nonprofits in San Francisco.

Click here to print your own #SF2020 pattern and logo to color in!

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