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Carta " Verde "

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Colors have been powerful symbols in human communication for centuries, crossing linguistic barriers and taking on unique meanings in diverse cultures. Different societies attribute specific significance to colors, shaping traditions and rituals. Religious practices often infuse colors with spiritual meaning, associating them with divine attributes or rituals. Throughout history, certain colors denoted social status, such as the exclusivity of Tyrian purple in the Roman Empire. Colors have also served practical purposes, with ancient civilizations using colored flags for military communication and maritime signal flags for messages at sea. Beyond symbolism, colors influence emotions and behavior, impacting well-being. From political movements adopting colors to corporate branding using color psychology, colors play multifaceted roles in art, culture, and daily life. This intricate interplay of color symbolism gave rise to the idea of expressing oneself through colors. Each series of works on paper reflects what you believe best describes you, creating a personal narrative through the language of color. It's not just about how others see you; it's also about sharing insights into yourself that go beyond external observations, providing a unique perspective on your self-awareness.

* Nature and Growth
* Health and Well-being
* Renewal and Rebirth
* Balance and Harmony
* Peace and Calm
* Environmental Awareness
* jealousy or Envy
* Fertility and Abundance.

Carta, " Verde " 2021
Work on paper
Edition of 5
12" x 12"
Aluminum, silver, & 12k white gold with acrylic glaze on gesso
Fabriano paper
Numbered 1 to 5 and signed ( unframed )

It will also include a certificate of authenticity.

ship within 3 to 5 business days

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